Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i say, long weekend vacay

ok, so i love long weekends. and last Saturday? kat and i didn't sleep 'coz we need to pack our things in less than 3 hours. i'll be waking up my mom at 5am (but she got up at 6). we're going to Baguio, yey!
i dunno why i love going there, i hate damp places FYI. i guess, it's because it's been years (not really) since the last time we went there.
we just got home last night.
here are some pictures:
i'm wearing a vest from H&M; oxfords/lace-ups from ichigo

from now on, i need to jot down everything i ate for the day. i'm still in a diet (huhu).
i was 128lbs last month, i took Slimina, now i'm 118lbs. my target weight is not more than 113lbs.

lately, i'm so loving tuna paella from san marino!

we tried luxe nail salon at robinson's galleria last week. it was ok. :)

9 shipments tomorrow! yey! kat is the one packing the items for shipping.
have i mentioned that we have an online shop? we do! it's AuxManila <---click! click! ^ ^
more about our shop soon! :)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Maddee and Macaulay

Yesterday was Macaulay Culkin's birthday. He just turned 30 omg!

He still looks the same though (weird isn't it?).
Oh and I've read that he was married at the age of 17?? ---> :o

Anyway, we had our pictorial for our 23rd collection today.
While we're having the session, I noticed that Maddee was sleeping on the sofa.

so I took a picture of her, here it is:
here's a closer shot. can you see her brown spots? :)
i even got a high five from her! cute!



used as a name for a little sister.

little sister didn't even care what this means.

i looked it up on the web, and found this:
it's a silly-sounding word for a (kinda) silly person.

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