Saturday, November 27, 2010

KFC's Double Down

but mom likes it this way:

still with bread??


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Day 2

and so, i love my shoes! :)

today's show:
paper dolls by kate torralba together with wharton by rajo laurel.
too bad, mr. rajo laurel wasn't at the event :(

we'll be busier tomorrow! 3 or 4 overlapping shows?? :O wow! 1 is enough! really!

i love kate torralba! i'm now a fan! yay! she's really cute! hihi!

we saw Mel Entuna of Style and Soul & Aisa/Pax of Drowning Equilibriums today! weeee! :)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Day 1 + my birthday + inkarlcerating + behind the scenes

we [kat & I] were at SMX to help out with the committee on Philippine Fashion Week from 12pm up to 10pm.
we were assigned at the registration area at the far right side.

thank you Agie for inviting us! :) yay!

we met Paul & Chris (hala! i'm very sorry i forgot your name! i'm not sure if it's really Chris. forgive me please!) outside function room 1. they were standing there, so we approached them.
kat introduced ourselves (that we were the same person they've met few weeks ago at Greenbelt 3), then asked where karl is. :D they told us that he is already on his way. :)
they also asked me why i wasn't wearing a Soule Phenomenon boots. i think Paul told me to contact karl so i could get a discount. :O [in my mind: naku wag na po, hihi]. i would love to have the inkarlcerating wedge boots, unfortunately, they only have a size 6 left. :( if ever they had it in my size (which is 8 or 8 1/2), it'd be my birthday gift for myself (oct. 26! today! yey!). :)

we already went back to our assigned area. few minutes later, kat was pointing at someone and then keeps on saying "si karl! si karl!". then i was like "omg! asan?! asan?!" i couldn't see him at first because there were a lot of people. but then there he is... he's wearing all white while his friends are wearing all black from head to toe. :)

we had an assignment, our task is to email Don Protasio & Arnel Zulieta PFW invites. :)


photo credit:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Skylar Strap Boot by Lower East Side for my birthday!!

okay, so tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, and look what my bestfriend got for me! :)

she asked me what i wanted, and i told her that i was in love with these pair of beauties!
it's gorgeous in actual! and it is really really comfortable! i got a size 8.5 by the way. :)
just making sure that i have enough room to wiggle my toes, i don't want them to be all snugged up at the end of the shoe.
and also because i'm having problems with sizes lately. :))

i shall wear them tomorrow on Philippine Fashion Week.
we [kat and I] have to be at the venue at 12noon to help in the said event. therefore, we won't be dressing up for the event, instead, we will be there ahead of everybody to arrange the place, and make sure everything is ready for the 5pm event. :)
we will be there with Agie. :)

again, thank you Marrisse Garchitorena (Atimarsh as i call her)
for the wonderful gift for my birthday! :)


photo credit:

Skylar Strap Boots by Lower East Side from Payless for 1,250php.
it is located at the 2nd floor of SM Megamall, Bldg A. (few walks from Forever 21)

Peep Toe Wedges by Forever 21

again, what was my dilemma? a size 7 or a size 8?

remember (in my previous post) i said "black"?

here it is.
when i saw this color, i could hear the angels singing. :))
it looks clean and fresh! :)
it was really really nice!

and so, my new problem was "black or light brown"?


i'd make this post very quick...........
i got the light brown.. heee ^ ^ i love them.. :)

here it is:


photo credit:
product code: 2082111606

Distressed Leatherette Boots by Forever 21

finally, we were able to buy this pair of boots for kat.

she didn't buy it the first time we saw them. but when we got home, i was regretting of not buying it for her.
the following week, we were about to purchase them. only to find out that they already had the mannequin wear it. and that, there was someone who already had it reserved, so kat was on the waiting list. :(

but 2 days ago, we went back to F21 to check if there are new stocks of shoes.

sad to say, that same mannequin was wearing a different style of shoes, so we assumed that the first person who reserved the boots has already taken it.
we even saw the same F21 employee whom kat gave her number to. she sincerely apologized for not informing kat anything regarding the item.

and so, i was busy trying on these pair of black peep toe wedges. i couldn't make up my mind whether i'm getting a size 7 or a size 8.

after a few minutes, the F21 employee called kat and handed her the gray boots. kat was so happy. yey. happy happy joy joy,, and so on.. :))
yes, we bought it! :) she wouldn't put down the beauties (fyi).


photo credit:
Product Code: 2080559349

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i used to say i don't like clogs

but when i saw this pair of clogs (and tried it on), i was amazed on how it looked nice on my feet.
and my whole perception of them became different, and now, i love clogs!

this was purchased from Forever 21 last week. they only have 2 pairs left. size 6 & 7.
i tried on 7, and yey! it fit me! i'm actually a size 8 1/2 (usually 9 if they don't have half sizes).

this morning, i was blog hopping, and i saw these pair of clogs.
i really really liked the design of it, but when i saw that it's a Jeffrey Campbell item, i was in love! :)
i might post a picture of it some other time. :)

all photos were taken by me (also modeled by me) :)


this was taken in Eastwood last week.
we went to Honda to have the alarm of my car fixed.
our appointment was scheduled at 8am, 
but arrived there at 9. :p
while waiting, kat and I decided to have breakfast at McDonald's in Eastwood.
unfortunately, McDo is under renovation, 
so we had our breakfast at Aysee's (?). :(


loving animal prints

my current obsession:
animal prints! [especially leopard prints] 

all 3 were purchased from f21 philippines.
photo credit:
okay, wait here's more:

my little Maddee

and there you go. :)


Monday, October 18, 2010

it's so fluffy!!!

the girl/guy from the salon trimmed a few inches of my curls, making it more defined.
still loving my permed hair. fluffy! :)


ps. pics were taken by webcam. blurred much? :)

day to day basics

caught in the act:
before leaving our unit, this is what i always do. :)
i make sure that the rag is in line with the door hehe.
also, it has to be dragged by my foot from left to right.
i think of it as good luck.
right to left is strictly prohibited. :D

look at those two chihuahuas! :) let's squish them!


blue collared shirt from Arrow
gray slippers from Havaianas

Venus Raj at 7eleven

Kat and I saw Venus Raj at 7eleven a while ago.
Good thing we always have our cam with us :)

btw, [on the left/first picture] this is my current size (?) haha, i'm so big :(
and my pose? what the..?


Friday, October 8, 2010

Charles & Keith

i got so lucky yesterday.

i was supposed to buy a new pair of unbranded shoes worth more than 2,800php from an online shop last wednesday, october 6. i was so sure that i want those! but i couldn't transact with the seller that day because we [kat & i] were supposed to meet our mom at gateway, cubao. i left the computer on so that when we get back, i'd be able to contact the seller immediately.

oh, our mom needs a new top from marks and spencer for their annual meeting/convention in ministop (which was always held at SMX), this is also why we were at gateway.
after buying a PLAIN top from M&S, we passed by Charles & Keith.
we went inside, yey!! :) i was looking for a perfect belt for my shorts while kat and mom were trying on some sunglasses.
our mom needs to go back to her store (ministop p.campa) so we had to end our window shopping as early as possible.

by the time i was able to pass by their new arrivals, i looked up and saw these pair of black wedge booties. i was longing for this style AND COLOR for months (i was able to buy a pair of wedge booties at forever21 but it's gray..see previous blog entry). i reached for it!! the price says 2,499php. i turned around to tell my mom "eto yun! pramis eto yun!! omg talaga! etong-eto yun!!!".
this is what i got from her "sige bilin mo na".
"next time".
"ai" :( this was the last word that came out of my mouth.
then we went home. :(

the following day, october 7 [happy day], we [kat & i] had lunch with Agie (Puffy as i call her) in gateway mall.
since it's thursday, we went to St. Jude to hear mass. then went straight home. :)
that's all. :)

oh, and before leaving gateway, i got this:
even nicer in actual!

all photos in this entry was taken by me.
wasn't able to put a watermark in each picture (i forgot).
should you take them, please notify me,
or else, 20 years of bad luck will come your way.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

SHOP SUPPORT: HTW designs by Wanda

It’s a cliché to say it but I’ll do it anyway: great things are wrapped in small packages. I’m not saying this shop is small, nor the designer lacks in height. Rather, it may not YET be as big as those top online sellers that we read in magazines, but I’m sure time will come that the world will unwrap it and discover its greatness within.
Or maybe I should change the cliché to: small but terrible...nah.

Two months ago, AuxManila has been featured in Melai Entuna’s blog, styleandsoul (feel free to visit, just click here). We were the first shop to represent a movement called Shop Support. Of course we didn’t pay her to do something like that, nor has given her any kind of freebie, goodie, or garment LOL. As kat would always say: Maybe we really did something good in Aux, and it’s just an innate response, an appreciation being translated into words. (Which melted our hearts btw, to read and be aware of how other people see us, what they think of us.)
As a way of paying it forward (as Mel would say it LOL), we would like to share a little shop that kat and I became very fond of, in fact, I would like to OWN every single, each and every one, the entire, the complete, every bit of creation that was and would be released by Manang Wanda – the person behind HTW Designs.
Here’s a quick info...(courtesy of FB – fropile ng bayan)
 Full name: Wanda Kristina Madarang
Age: Eep! Kelangan ko ba sagutin yan? Hahaha.. fine.. 18... joke.. 24, but still the YOUNGest in the family. Hihihi! ;)
Affiliations: HTW Designs by Wanda
                         FB fropile :) Profile
BTW(highway LOL) she’s my cousin’s cousin, although she’s not my cousin. It’s a long explanation (although I know you’ll get it), but she’s really not my cousin. Since she’s a family to me, I decided to address her faux-cousin (in line with her background in fashion) or pseudo-cousin can also do (being a BS Nursing graduate :D).
In addition, we call her (and her sister Manang Wonina, who models her works) “Manang” because she’s Ilocano, and manang = ate (in Tagalog) :)

I thinks it’s better to hear(or read?) from Manang Wanda herself for the reason behind HTW’s name :)
HTW stands for Haute-To-Wear (pronounced as oht-tuh-wair). In fashion school, I learned that you could either sell custom-made clothes (which is "haute couture" or "couture", strictly for a very select few only) or ready-to-wear (RTW). I opted to do RTW, but I wanted to have a high-end feel to it so I incorporated the word "haute" into the brand. Coincidentally, my designs came out as clothes you wouldn't really see anywhere else, hence the brand now also has a double-meaning as something that I think people OUGHT TO WEAR.

Haute-To-Wear debuted August of 2010. Before it came to be, M. Wanda (Miss Wanda, or Manang Wanda for me, of course J ) took up Professional Design at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. For four months, she has been taught from the basics of inserting the thread inside the needle, until the part where you undress your mannequin because your creation has already been sold. One may question the short amount of time given to learn the fundamentals to the most clear-cut aspect of fashion. Where in this industry, no matter where you turn, critic’s point of view would always rise above all, and one might ask: “Am I ready?”
Yes, M. Wanda, I can see you raising your hand, what is your answer? (me pretending to be a teacher in a class, recitation time)
The classes and the learning part is admittedly a fast approach, which is okay. The practical aspect of putting what you've learned to good use afterwards is what's really gonna take much time, a lot of experimentation and hard work, failures, mistakes but also rewards. :)
*concepts include basic and advanced fashion design, sewing (taken during free-time), pattern-making, merchandising, children’s wear, and men’s wear.
Well said M. Wanda (pretend reply, as a part of the pretend class recitation harhar). And for that, you should attend the Graduation Show to be held next year. (this time I’m not pretending anymore :) She said she’ll be joining the Graduation Show, and a very excited me couldn’t hold back my smiling after hearing it from her :D )

To give a few more background, M. Wanda graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Management Major in Communications Technology from Ateneo De Manila University last March of 2008. Although she said designing wasn’t her first dream.
I had dreamt of becoming a nun, a nurse, a teacher, an accountant, a finance person and so many other things before I ever had the slightest clue I wanted a career in fashion.
And that was what she did. Last year, she could not stand going to the office anymore, and decided to pursue the life as a fashion designer.
It was scary, but I don't have any regrets even now that I don't have anything much of a booming career yet to be proud of. Nonetheless, I am currently very happy simply draining my creative juices each day and refilling it every now and then with brand new inspiration.

INSPIRATION: Where (the hell) do you get it from?
Anwser: I do try to listen to my inner voice, my instinct, the one that just FEELS something’s bound to be a classic.
Well apparently, she’s doing a very good job listening to that voice. I remember when I came to their big house (yeah, I have to say it. BIG), I caught her working. Using my ultra-heightened parallel vision, I peeked at her working desk, the size of a pool table (because it USED to be a pool table LOL), and just sighed: WOW... I didn’t understand anything that was going on in there. It wasn’t because things were cluttered (well, a little bit a guess), or I wasn’t familiar with anything there...actually I still haven’t figured out why (boo me), until now. It’s her insight.
I have been inspired by different silhouettes, structures and even my emotions at the time of inception. My inspiration can come from anything anywhere and everywhere!
It’s not like an origami where you should follow a strict step1 to 10, or else your paper crane would turn into a crap, I mean a scrap of folded paper. Different strokes for different folks, as my (ex)professor would say :).
a world that offered a place where my once locked up imagination could run free
To me, inspiration is extremely personal. What it means to me may mean something entirely different to someone else
In the fashion industry there’s no rule book, just guidelines. And at the end of the day, it’s still you taste, your preference, your pick, that would determine the type of designer that you are.

If you’ve recently watched a certain 3D movie, you would know what a BFAB is. Born From A Boom box. Now those are intended for dancers. Now, I thought we should come up with something like BFASM (Born From A Sewing Machine), or BFAPOC/ S (Born From A Pile Of Cloth / Swatches) or maybe BHANAT,COWAFO if we really want to get serious and bring it (Born Holding A Needle And Thread, Came Out Wearing A Full Outfit) :) Well, that’s just me :)

Few weeks after she opened her online shop, I found myself filling up the order form a few seconds later. Though I still couldn't make up my mind on what to buy, I ended up buying 2 of her works LOL.

Believe it, love it. HTW designs is literally ought-to-wear.
Wanda Madarang: Certified BFAPOC


Sunday, September 19, 2010


black romper
black vintage watch
white vintage ring
gray wedge boots from Forever 21

btw, kat took pictures of me upon arriving home from puffy's house.


puffy's celebration

agie, puffy as i call her, invited us [me & kat] on her celebration today.

26th collection was also released today. :)

i don't know why, but i'm excited for tomorrow. ay baliw?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

blazer still?

i gotta stop this addiction to blazers. our rack is already falling (literally!!!) because of my blazers. :(
and yesterday? i bought another one. haven't tried it yet though. but i think it'll fit me (my shoulders) perfectly.
and today, i have decided to buy my last blazer for the week, okay, i mean, for the month. :(


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

blazin' hot

i bought 2 blazers yesterday. it's my first long blazer (?).
but i'm thinking of reselling the other. :(
i only have to keep one. :(

i'm planning to put up a collection of blazers in AuxManila.
no, my blazers won't be there of course! i won't sell them! not yet!

excited! :)


1st day of 26th collection photo shoot

Agie/Agatha Axibal modelled some of our clothes again for the upcoming 26th collection.

Kat has a blog now. i created it for her. :) though the name of her blog was her idea. :)
there's nothing much from it yet. i told her to put something in it, but here's what i got from her:
"masakit ang ulo ko, masakit ang puson ko, nagtatae pa ako!!"

we're currently here in cainta (again).

i want to sleep early tonight but there are still a lot of things that i need to do, or finish rather. :(
we've been so busy lately! we're so busy that we haven't got the time to clean our kitten's litter box!
it stinks! :( why? because we have 3 kitties! not one, not two, but three! three contributors! :D
and yet, we love them! ^^

i bought the latest issue of Preview magazine, btw, while i was scanning the pages backwards (yes i do read backwards, not because i'm chinese or whatever you think might be the reason is), i saw Nixon Marquez, he was my schoolmate at UERM. here's what i have to say to him, "you might not know me, but i know you." or "akala mo hindi kita kilala, pero kilala kita!! isa ka sa masipag na student nurse sa neuro ward!".

Agie told me that Nixon and Zeke Nolasco (left; Agie's schoolmate way back then) are friends (correct me if i'm wrong). i love watching Zeke walk down the runway at every fashion week event. :)
she was also seen in project runway philippines season 2 week 3 and week 5.
oh, i just remembered, kat and i saw her at the MRT cubao station once. she's with a friend. she was so thin. i wanna be as thin as her!! yes, now!!
i viewed her profile in facebook (just now), and found out that she just celebrated her birthday last saturday, september 11.
well, belated happy birthday zeke! (just in case she reads this) :D
photo credit: Zeke's multiply

so there you go. will be posting new pieces from 26th collection tomorrow.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

my old wedge boots

here's another piece from our 25th collection to be released tonight! 8pm sharp! :)

love this piece,, i want it!! :D

my boots are not for sale by the way :D besides, nobody would want it, it's old (but still loved).


that pepe jeans sunglasses

last night; before we return in our hotel...

it was love at first sight.
 that pepe jeans sunglasses for only php4,000.

i got to try it on and i was stoned! i want it!


of course i didn't buy it.

..what a waste of blog entry, eh? didn't even describe it.

everybody's sleepin' and i'm bloggin'?

okay, i wasn't able to post some of the clothes that will be released tomorrow (for our 25th collection).

we are now in subic bay travelers hotel, we just checked out from dreamland hotel this afternoon.
mom realized that the room rates are very cheap here.
really. for only 2,888 per day, you already get a 32" LCD tv, unlimited free internet access, free coffee, plus they got this office-like table at the corner of the room with a very comfy big computer chair.

i might be posting some pics of the hotel soon. that's all for now.


it's now 11:50pm, they're all sleeping already. what am i doing?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

elfemme on AuxManila's 25th collection

it's not like our usual collection, this time, i modeled some of the clothes.
as what i have said earlier (previous entry), every piece is unique. really!
they are ALL nice, no, stunning in actual! :)

more pictures will be posted later!!
so check back soon! :)


2nd day of photo shoot (yesterday)

michelle:  is it nice?
kat:  yes.
michelle:  is it mine?
kat:  no.

haven't posted an entry yesterday (our 2nd day of our photo session).

we've already finished our photo shoot for our 25th release. i do love the pieces in this collection.
i'd like to get 3 to 4 clothes from it, but i can't, and kat won't allow me.  
[insert intro of this entry here] <--- haha.
these lines are always being used whenever we take pictures of our clothes for the collections.

i'll blog more about our 25th collection later. the pictures are ready. i just need to polish (what?) the teaser.
it's now 4:18am, and we haven't packed our things for our trip to Zambales. we'll be living the condo in the morning. we'll be back by sunday.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

official first day photo shoot

i'll make this quick.. need to call our mom. we have 2 shipments tomorrow but the clothes are not here with us.

kat and i started our session at around 2 or 3 in the afternoon.
we finished at 5-5:30. we didn't get to take pictures of at least half of the clothes because kat is having trouble taking pictures of me. it's always blurred. she doesn't have steady hands. :(

oh yes, you've read it right, i think i maybe modelling some (if not all) of the clothes for the upcoming 25th collection, again, this sunday at 8pm.

also, doing some shots that i can upload in my lookbook, coz it's been empty for 5 or 6 days now.

for future collections, i'm thinking of uploading the teasers in every collection here in my blog, instead of placing it in the calendar section (which is not visible) of our multiply. in that way, other people could see it too.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another wasted day

kat and i was supposedly going to have our photo shoot for our 25th collection to be released this coming Sunday at 8pm. unfortunately, we ended up sleeping the whole day. :((
we woke up at 4pm, it was gloomy during that time, and i don't want the pictures to look dark (even if i'd still be editing them).

tomorrow, our friend agie/agatha axibal will be going here. she'll be modelling some of our clothes again.
if you haven't seen her, you can view our 23rd collection HERE <--- click! :)
she stands 5' 7". while kat stands 5' 4". and i'm only 5' 2". :))

in my previous entry, i said that i'll be posting everything i have eaten for each day.
i'm still on my diet. and i don't want having it without taking any slimming pills or diet suppressants or whatever i can find in the store. lately, i'm taking biofit tea (before going to bed). let's see if it'll work on me.

so, here's what i ate for the day:
2 cherry filled hershey's kisses
1/2 small ensaymada from megamelt (i couldn't finish it so i gave kat the half of it)
from tropical hut: (we had it delivered ^^)
quick fried beef (my all-time favorite!!)
2-pc burger steak meal
1/4 macaroni salad (i used to love mac. salad but i guess slimina still has an effect on me)
1 pc. pancake (with lotsa syrup!!)
for dinner, kat and i had our mom's special adobo (with 1/2 almost 1/4 rice only)

..hala! andami (my food intake) pala!!


Sunday, September 5, 2010

saturdays at greenbelt 3


evey saturday, yes, literally every saturday, we watch a movie at greenbelt 3.

so last saturday, we watched "the last exorcism". kat wasn't able to watch it because she covered her face the whole time (with lay's potato chips). really.
i was like, "tignan mo, ayan umaga na uli yung scene. hindi na pinapakita si nel!".
but all i got from her was "ayoko talaga, seryoso ako" <--- :p

the movie isn't really that good. :( i was expecting that it would be as good as "the exorcism of emily rose".
i was wrong. :o
maybe because it's only a documentary. :(

AuxManila's 24th collection was released last night at 8pm :)
that's all for now i guess.

pink warrior flats from CMG.


Friday, September 3, 2010

blazer lovin' + super size me movie documentary

2 blazers arrived from the mail today!
perfect fit!
the other is kinda big on the waist though. but i consider it as a perfect fit as long as it's not tight on my shoulders, haha, because i really have broad shoulders. :(
oops, i don't have a picture of it yet. :)

waiting for another blazer from Mel of fashionstopshop arriving tomorrow. :) (excited!) :)

oh and another blazer will be arriving on monday (or tuesday?) which is also from fashionstopshop. can't wait for the veins blazer from her 20th collection.

kat and i watched "super size me" today. it was a really nice movie documentary.
i won't be telling you what it's all about. you can google it if you want, and while you're at it, why don't you just download it? and i'm telling you, "you will never eat fast food again! ever!"
everybody should watch it!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

special edition kajal eyeliner from the body shop

kat and i went to gateway mall at cubao this afternoon to meet our mom because she needs to buy something from rustan's supermarket, and we just want to tag along. :) before heading to rustan's, i had a chance to check out the body shop's new arrival of their limited edition autumn trend makeup!!

so i got their kajal eyeliner in evergreen (dark green). other shades are steel, which is gray, and a little glittery, almost silver, only darker, and charcoal, which is black.

i was supposed to get the charcoal, but i remembered that i already have the urban decay 24/7 glide-on eye liner in zero (which arrived yesterday from the mail). so i got the evergreen instead.

the kajal eyeliner has double purpose, it also serves as an eye shadow, it's so creamy that it is very easy to blend on your eyes. although whenever you blend it, you tend to put more of the product because it goes lighter, the color fades and goes much to your finger (and yes, i use my finger to blend it on the outer canthus of my eyes).


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

URBAN DECAY Velvet Rope set

My velvet rope from urban decay has finally arrived!

i was trying to save money for my current addiction: clothes with laces or clothes made with pure laces, leggings, and BLAZERS! (lately i'm also loving lace-ups/oxfords shoes) i don't wanna spend too much as much as possible.
but i can't resist!
Temptalia had a very nice review of Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on eye pencils, so i wanna get my hands on it!!

i told ms. shirlina ang to reserve one hi-fi set for me whenever it becomes available, or if ever she'll be having another pre-order of that particular item.
unfortunately, this is what i got from her "hi! the urban decay stereophonic/hi-fi set has been discontinued, so it will no longer be in stock again :( I do have the velvet rope set on hand now, if you like that instead?" 
my reply was ":o :( that's sad to know :( looking forward to it pa naman. :)
anyway, do you have a picture of the velvet rope set? :) and how much?"

so i waited for the picture, but actually, i thought that why don't i just find a picture of it myself? i mean, i'm already in front of my computer, i could just google it. AND SO I DID!
.....found it! i got enlightened when i saw it, wow, it's even better than the set that i wanted! this has 5 eye liners instead of 4 + the heavy metal glitter liner.

it comes in yeyo, 1999, zero, bourbon & stash

this was my second purchase from Get Sophisticated in multiply. Ms. Shirlina Ang, as usual, is very accommodating in all of my queries. and a very hassle-free transaction i say.
you can also view her products in facebook. :)


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i say, long weekend vacay

ok, so i love long weekends. and last Saturday? kat and i didn't sleep 'coz we need to pack our things in less than 3 hours. i'll be waking up my mom at 5am (but she got up at 6). we're going to Baguio, yey!
i dunno why i love going there, i hate damp places FYI. i guess, it's because it's been years (not really) since the last time we went there.
we just got home last night.
here are some pictures:
i'm wearing a vest from H&M; oxfords/lace-ups from ichigo

from now on, i need to jot down everything i ate for the day. i'm still in a diet (huhu).
i was 128lbs last month, i took Slimina, now i'm 118lbs. my target weight is not more than 113lbs.

lately, i'm so loving tuna paella from san marino!

we tried luxe nail salon at robinson's galleria last week. it was ok. :)

9 shipments tomorrow! yey! kat is the one packing the items for shipping.
have i mentioned that we have an online shop? we do! it's AuxManila <---click! click! ^ ^
more about our shop soon! :)

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