Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Day 1 + my birthday + inkarlcerating + behind the scenes

we [kat & I] were at SMX to help out with the committee on Philippine Fashion Week from 12pm up to 10pm.
we were assigned at the registration area at the far right side.

thank you Agie for inviting us! :) yay!

we met Paul & Chris (hala! i'm very sorry i forgot your name! i'm not sure if it's really Chris. forgive me please!) outside function room 1. they were standing there, so we approached them.
kat introduced ourselves (that we were the same person they've met few weeks ago at Greenbelt 3), then asked where karl is. :D they told us that he is already on his way. :)
they also asked me why i wasn't wearing a Soule Phenomenon boots. i think Paul told me to contact karl so i could get a discount. :O [in my mind: naku wag na po, hihi]. i would love to have the inkarlcerating wedge boots, unfortunately, they only have a size 6 left. :( if ever they had it in my size (which is 8 or 8 1/2), it'd be my birthday gift for myself (oct. 26! today! yey!). :)

we already went back to our assigned area. few minutes later, kat was pointing at someone and then keeps on saying "si karl! si karl!". then i was like "omg! asan?! asan?!" i couldn't see him at first because there were a lot of people. but then there he is... he's wearing all white while his friends are wearing all black from head to toe. :)

we had an assignment, our task is to email Don Protasio & Arnel Zulieta PFW invites. :)


photo credit: stylebible.ph

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