Monday, October 25, 2010

Distressed Leatherette Boots by Forever 21

finally, we were able to buy this pair of boots for kat.

she didn't buy it the first time we saw them. but when we got home, i was regretting of not buying it for her.
the following week, we were about to purchase them. only to find out that they already had the mannequin wear it. and that, there was someone who already had it reserved, so kat was on the waiting list. :(

but 2 days ago, we went back to F21 to check if there are new stocks of shoes.

sad to say, that same mannequin was wearing a different style of shoes, so we assumed that the first person who reserved the boots has already taken it.
we even saw the same F21 employee whom kat gave her number to. she sincerely apologized for not informing kat anything regarding the item.

and so, i was busy trying on these pair of black peep toe wedges. i couldn't make up my mind whether i'm getting a size 7 or a size 8.

after a few minutes, the F21 employee called kat and handed her the gray boots. kat was so happy. yey. happy happy joy joy,, and so on.. :))
yes, we bought it! :) she wouldn't put down the beauties (fyi).


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Product Code: 2080559349

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