Friday, October 8, 2010

Charles & Keith

i got so lucky yesterday.

i was supposed to buy a new pair of unbranded shoes worth more than 2,800php from an online shop last wednesday, october 6. i was so sure that i want those! but i couldn't transact with the seller that day because we [kat & i] were supposed to meet our mom at gateway, cubao. i left the computer on so that when we get back, i'd be able to contact the seller immediately.

oh, our mom needs a new top from marks and spencer for their annual meeting/convention in ministop (which was always held at SMX), this is also why we were at gateway.
after buying a PLAIN top from M&S, we passed by Charles & Keith.
we went inside, yey!! :) i was looking for a perfect belt for my shorts while kat and mom were trying on some sunglasses.
our mom needs to go back to her store (ministop p.campa) so we had to end our window shopping as early as possible.

by the time i was able to pass by their new arrivals, i looked up and saw these pair of black wedge booties. i was longing for this style AND COLOR for months (i was able to buy a pair of wedge booties at forever21 but it's gray..see previous blog entry). i reached for it!! the price says 2,499php. i turned around to tell my mom "eto yun! pramis eto yun!! omg talaga! etong-eto yun!!!".
this is what i got from her "sige bilin mo na".
"next time".
"ai" :( this was the last word that came out of my mouth.
then we went home. :(

the following day, october 7 [happy day], we [kat & i] had lunch with Agie (Puffy as i call her) in gateway mall.
since it's thursday, we went to St. Jude to hear mass. then went straight home. :)
that's all. :)

oh, and before leaving gateway, i got this:
even nicer in actual!

all photos in this entry was taken by me.
wasn't able to put a watermark in each picture (i forgot).
should you take them, please notify me,
or else, 20 years of bad luck will come your way.



  1. super naloka din ako when i saw this. heheh

  2. woah! those shoes are fierce!!!

    btw, here ya go :



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