Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Philippine Fashion Week Day 2

and so, i love my shoes! :)

today's show:
paper dolls by kate torralba together with wharton by rajo laurel.
too bad, mr. rajo laurel wasn't at the event :(

we'll be busier tomorrow! 3 or 4 overlapping shows?? :O wow! 1 is enough! really!

i love kate torralba! i'm now a fan! yay! she's really cute! hihi!

we saw Mel Entuna of Style and Soul & Aisa/Pax of Drowning Equilibriums today! weeee! :)



  1. So happy to have seen you this Philippine fashion week my friend. I'm soooo happy! Plus you loooook absolutely great! My top looked fab on you!!!!!!! :) Melai :)

  2. i like your boots. i like lower heel platforms like yours.

  3. Sounds like you had so much fun!! I love your header picture!! xoxoxoxo

  4. i love your shoes and also love you rings! (:


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