Monday, October 25, 2010

Skylar Strap Boot by Lower East Side for my birthday!!

okay, so tomorrow is my 22nd birthday, and look what my bestfriend got for me! :)

she asked me what i wanted, and i told her that i was in love with these pair of beauties!
it's gorgeous in actual! and it is really really comfortable! i got a size 8.5 by the way. :)
just making sure that i have enough room to wiggle my toes, i don't want them to be all snugged up at the end of the shoe.
and also because i'm having problems with sizes lately. :))

i shall wear them tomorrow on Philippine Fashion Week.
we [kat and I] have to be at the venue at 12noon to help in the said event. therefore, we won't be dressing up for the event, instead, we will be there ahead of everybody to arrange the place, and make sure everything is ready for the 5pm event. :)
we will be there with Agie. :)

again, thank you Marrisse Garchitorena (Atimarsh as i call her)
for the wonderful gift for my birthday! :)


photo credit:

Skylar Strap Boots by Lower East Side from Payless for 1,250php.
it is located at the 2nd floor of SM Megamall, Bldg A. (few walks from Forever 21)

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  1. you're welcome! i'm glad you loved it! haha, late reply. :) - atimarsh


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