Friday, September 3, 2010

blazer lovin' + super size me movie documentary

2 blazers arrived from the mail today!
perfect fit!
the other is kinda big on the waist though. but i consider it as a perfect fit as long as it's not tight on my shoulders, haha, because i really have broad shoulders. :(
oops, i don't have a picture of it yet. :)

waiting for another blazer from Mel of fashionstopshop arriving tomorrow. :) (excited!) :)

oh and another blazer will be arriving on monday (or tuesday?) which is also from fashionstopshop. can't wait for the veins blazer from her 20th collection.

kat and i watched "super size me" today. it was a really nice movie documentary.
i won't be telling you what it's all about. you can google it if you want, and while you're at it, why don't you just download it? and i'm telling you, "you will never eat fast food again! ever!"
everybody should watch it!



  1. hahahaha! i don't eat at fastfoods and because of that mary anne dared me to eat 2 big macs, 1 medium fries, and 2 coke--i posted it on fb and that was nuts! then i remembered Supersize Me! Wow, goodluck! I can feel the fatties taking a ride through my arteries. hahahaha!

  2. =)) grabe. ndi nga ako nakakaubos ng regular hamburger eh. i just remembered, hindi pala ako kumakain ng burger! :)) philly cheese steak lang ng brother's burger (pero ndi pa rin siya considered as burger hehe).

    ai oo, haven't seen your vid pa! sinabi lang sakin ni agie, every details of it.
    i was amazed grabe! :o


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