Wednesday, September 1, 2010

URBAN DECAY Velvet Rope set

My velvet rope from urban decay has finally arrived!

i was trying to save money for my current addiction: clothes with laces or clothes made with pure laces, leggings, and BLAZERS! (lately i'm also loving lace-ups/oxfords shoes) i don't wanna spend too much as much as possible.
but i can't resist!
Temptalia had a very nice review of Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on eye pencils, so i wanna get my hands on it!!

i told ms. shirlina ang to reserve one hi-fi set for me whenever it becomes available, or if ever she'll be having another pre-order of that particular item.
unfortunately, this is what i got from her "hi! the urban decay stereophonic/hi-fi set has been discontinued, so it will no longer be in stock again :( I do have the velvet rope set on hand now, if you like that instead?" 
my reply was ":o :( that's sad to know :( looking forward to it pa naman. :)
anyway, do you have a picture of the velvet rope set? :) and how much?"

so i waited for the picture, but actually, i thought that why don't i just find a picture of it myself? i mean, i'm already in front of my computer, i could just google it. AND SO I DID!
.....found it! i got enlightened when i saw it, wow, it's even better than the set that i wanted! this has 5 eye liners instead of 4 + the heavy metal glitter liner.

it comes in yeyo, 1999, zero, bourbon & stash

this was my second purchase from Get Sophisticated in multiply. Ms. Shirlina Ang, as usual, is very accommodating in all of my queries. and a very hassle-free transaction i say.
you can also view her products in facebook. :)


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  1. Hello Michelle!

    Thank you very much for your great review :D Enjoy the Velvet Rope Set and if you do looks using them, feel free to share them on my FB Page -- so everyone can see it :D

    -Shirlina (Get Sophisticated)


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