Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1st day of 26th collection photo shoot

Agie/Agatha Axibal modelled some of our clothes again for the upcoming 26th collection.

Kat has a blog now. i created it for her. :) though the name of her blog was her idea. :)
there's nothing much from it yet. i told her to put something in it, but here's what i got from her:
"masakit ang ulo ko, masakit ang puson ko, nagtatae pa ako!!"

we're currently here in cainta (again).

i want to sleep early tonight but there are still a lot of things that i need to do, or finish rather. :(
we've been so busy lately! we're so busy that we haven't got the time to clean our kitten's litter box!
it stinks! :( why? because we have 3 kitties! not one, not two, but three! three contributors! :D
and yet, we love them! ^^

i bought the latest issue of Preview magazine, btw, while i was scanning the pages backwards (yes i do read backwards, not because i'm chinese or whatever you think might be the reason is), i saw Nixon Marquez, he was my schoolmate at UERM. here's what i have to say to him, "you might not know me, but i know you." or "akala mo hindi kita kilala, pero kilala kita!! isa ka sa masipag na student nurse sa neuro ward!".

Agie told me that Nixon and Zeke Nolasco (left; Agie's schoolmate way back then) are friends (correct me if i'm wrong). i love watching Zeke walk down the runway at every fashion week event. :)
she was also seen in project runway philippines season 2 week 3 and week 5.
oh, i just remembered, kat and i saw her at the MRT cubao station once. she's with a friend. she was so thin. i wanna be as thin as her!! yes, now!!
i viewed her profile in facebook (just now), and found out that she just celebrated her birthday last saturday, september 11.
well, belated happy birthday zeke! (just in case she reads this) :D
photo credit: Zeke's multiply

so there you go. will be posting new pieces from 26th collection tomorrow.



  1. hi lemon juice thanks sa lookbook! hihi! Natutuwa ako =)) At nung binasa ko pala to pabaligtad din..weird =))

  2. wahaha! weird natin! :))
    ang payat ni zeke o! siguro bago ako maging ganyan ka-payat, eh malapit na akong mamatay :))

    welcome sa LB. :)


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