Thursday, September 9, 2010

2nd day of photo shoot (yesterday)

michelle:  is it nice?
kat:  yes.
michelle:  is it mine?
kat:  no.

haven't posted an entry yesterday (our 2nd day of our photo session).

we've already finished our photo shoot for our 25th release. i do love the pieces in this collection.
i'd like to get 3 to 4 clothes from it, but i can't, and kat won't allow me.  
[insert intro of this entry here] <--- haha.
these lines are always being used whenever we take pictures of our clothes for the collections.

i'll blog more about our 25th collection later. the pictures are ready. i just need to polish (what?) the teaser.
it's now 4:18am, and we haven't packed our things for our trip to Zambales. we'll be living the condo in the morning. we'll be back by sunday.


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