Tuesday, September 7, 2010

another wasted day

kat and i was supposedly going to have our photo shoot for our 25th collection to be released this coming Sunday at 8pm. unfortunately, we ended up sleeping the whole day. :((
we woke up at 4pm, it was gloomy during that time, and i don't want the pictures to look dark (even if i'd still be editing them).

tomorrow, our friend agie/agatha axibal will be going here. she'll be modelling some of our clothes again.
if you haven't seen her, you can view our 23rd collection HERE <--- click! :)
she stands 5' 7". while kat stands 5' 4". and i'm only 5' 2". :))

in my previous entry, i said that i'll be posting everything i have eaten for each day.
i'm still on my diet. and i don't want having it without taking any slimming pills or diet suppressants or whatever i can find in the store. lately, i'm taking biofit tea (before going to bed). let's see if it'll work on me.

so, here's what i ate for the day:
2 cherry filled hershey's kisses
1/2 small ensaymada from megamelt (i couldn't finish it so i gave kat the half of it)
from tropical hut: (we had it delivered ^^)
quick fried beef (my all-time favorite!!)
2-pc burger steak meal
1/4 macaroni salad (i used to love mac. salad but i guess slimina still has an effect on me)
1 pc. pancake (with lotsa syrup!!)
for dinner, kat and i had our mom's special adobo (with 1/2 almost 1/4 rice only)

..hala! andami (my food intake) pala!!


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