Saturday, September 11, 2010

everybody's sleepin' and i'm bloggin'?

okay, i wasn't able to post some of the clothes that will be released tomorrow (for our 25th collection).

we are now in subic bay travelers hotel, we just checked out from dreamland hotel this afternoon.
mom realized that the room rates are very cheap here.
really. for only 2,888 per day, you already get a 32" LCD tv, unlimited free internet access, free coffee, plus they got this office-like table at the corner of the room with a very comfy big computer chair.

i might be posting some pics of the hotel soon. that's all for now.


it's now 11:50pm, they're all sleeping already. what am i doing?


  1. i'm not yet sleeping soooo i'll comment hahahha

  2. wow steph! i love seeing you here! :)


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