Sunday, September 5, 2010

saturdays at greenbelt 3


evey saturday, yes, literally every saturday, we watch a movie at greenbelt 3.

so last saturday, we watched "the last exorcism". kat wasn't able to watch it because she covered her face the whole time (with lay's potato chips). really.
i was like, "tignan mo, ayan umaga na uli yung scene. hindi na pinapakita si nel!".
but all i got from her was "ayoko talaga, seryoso ako" <--- :p

the movie isn't really that good. :( i was expecting that it would be as good as "the exorcism of emily rose".
i was wrong. :o
maybe because it's only a documentary. :(

AuxManila's 24th collection was released last night at 8pm :)
that's all for now i guess.

pink warrior flats from CMG.



  1. Hi Michelle! Gosh I didn't know ganyan na hair mo ngayon! Wow I love it super fierce and totally bagay na bagay na bagay sayo! Will follow your blog now! Mwuah! :)

    Melai of Style and Soul and F-STOP

  2. Woahhhh i love it! very fierce! curly girls unite! hahaha

  3. salamat sa inyong dalawa! haha. i'm actually loving my curls talaga! kaso mejo humahaba na hair ko, ndi na kulot yung lumalabas. :(


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